Denmark Pots & Installation

Guldagergaard Artist Statement

September 2014, Bruce Richard McWhinney

I came to Guldagergarrd to create a "King and Queen" sculpture as a symbol of friendship between Australia and Denmark. My hope is it may be seen as a message of social harmony and love.

During the residency what transpired was a wider personal and creative experience. The making of new friends and the sharing of experience during the time has provided a great stimulus to sharpen my creative life.

With smaller works made in porcelain, like teapots, small sculptures and blossom jars, I've extended my knowledge of the materials and kilns at Guldagergaard. I aimed to reflect the evident love of fine craftsmanship in Denmark, and to focus on work that I love making.

Finishing the larger and smaller works with wood firing and soda glazing may give an added dimension; a spontaneity and variation beyond intellectual intent - perhaps more like the beauty of nature.

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